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Syria’s reintegration will take time

Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, indicated that the reintegration of Syria into the Arab League will take time and gradual steps and that he had not received any speeches from the member countries of the Arab League. the league indicating a special meeting on this subject.

In a statement to the press, Aboul Gheit pointed out that the mechanism for Syria’s return to the Arab League has a legal context defined in the Charter of the Arab League, explaining that a country or a group of countries has the right to to demand discussion of the issue of his return to the Arab League, especially since he was not expelled from the League, but his membership was frozen or suspended.

He clarified that he has not received any speech to date indicating that an extraordinary meeting will be held to discuss again the reintegration of Syria into the Arab League, stressing that in the event of an agreement on his return, an extraordinary meeting would be convened at any time at the level of Arab foreign ministers to discuss this issue.

According to him, the next Arab summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which will be held on May 19, will focus on the Arab situation in general.

He, in this regard, explained that the Arab foreign ministers will hold a preparatory meeting for the Arab summit on May 17 in Jeddah, preceded by meetings of permanent delegates, indicating that this summit will see the largest presence of Arab leaders and ministers. Foreign Affairs.

Arab summits have a traditional agenda that deals with many Arab political, economic, social, security and cultural issues, he said.

Regarding the situation in Lebanon, Mr. Aboul Gheit indicated that it is possible that there will be a President of Lebanon during the coming period, calling on all Lebanese to assume their responsibilities towards their country.

As for the Renaissance dam file, the Secretary General specified that Egypt had submitted a draft resolution to the Arab League concerning the Ethiopian dam and that the Arab countries had approved it to ask Addis Ababa to negotiate this case.

The UN Security Council must assume its responsibilities regarding the Ethiopian dam, he insisted, saying that “what Addis Ababa is doing threatens international peace and security”.



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