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Swiss gastronomy takes over the Carrefour Gourmet in the capital

On the occasion of the Swiss culinary fortnight and the centenary of the diplomatic presence, the Swiss Embassy in Morocco is organizing from December 6 to 24, 2021 the promotion of Swiss products in a few crossroads stores in 4 cities of Morocco. Cheeses, chocolates, coffees… anything goes.

For this special event, the Swiss Ambassador to Morocco, Guillaume Scheurer, went to the Carrefour Gourmet in Rabat, this Wednesday, December 15, to invite lovers of Swiss gastronomy to taste the dishes of the country, which “Make you want to walk in the meadows and taste all the herbs and flowers that make up these products”, in his words.

The Ambassador, all smiles, took over the cheese department, inviting customers to taste the specialties straight from Switzerland, including the famous bundle up.

Guillaume Scheurer then went to the chocolate stand, where local cookies, coffee and various chocolates with an unstoppable taste were presented.

At the microphone of MoroccoLatestNews, the Ambassador welcomed the presence of Swiss gastronomy in supermarkets in Morocco, synonymous with the strengthening of friendly relations between the two countries.

“Our presence at the Carrefour Gourmet in Rabat comes on the occasion of the centenary of the diplomatic presence of the Swiss Embassy in Morocco, with an emphasis on Swiss gastronomy, flavors and tastes”, he said, before adding: “We thought that gastronomy and the diplomacy of taste and flavors were very important because they nourish and nourish the friendship between Switzerland and Morocco”.

According to him, “Swiss cuisine is very popular around the world and includes multiple inspirations from France, Germany, Italy”.

“Swiss products are above all chocolate and cheese, but there is also a whole other range of Swiss gastronomy to discover. These are healthy products that are often very close to nature with a lot of flavors, a lot of tastes, a lot of traditions and at the same time a lot of innovation ”, he concluded.

Until December 19, Swiss culinary products will be present in Carrefour Gourmet Zaers Rabat, Gourmet Bouskoura Casablanca, Market Premium Store Carré Eden and Hypermarket Targa Marrakech as well as Hypermarket Agadir.

The partnership relationship between Morocco and Switzerland continues to intensify in multiple sectors such as gastronomy. Switzerland leads a dialogue on migration with Morocco and supports initiatives in areas related to training, technology or innovation.




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