Swimming in dam reservoirs: an extremely dangerous adventure

Fleeing the heat wave in search of coolness, the residents of the dams opt for swimming in the reservoirs, without realizing the dangers and the harmful consequences that can result from it.

Thus, due to the proliferation of cases of drowning, a vast awareness campaign on the dangers of swimming in the reservoirs of dams, lakes and rivers, was launched by the Agency of the Hydraulic Basin of Bouregreg and Chaouia (ABHBC), in collaboration with local authorities, local authorities and civil society actors.

A total of 151 cases of drowning have been recorded over the past four years in the regions of Casablanca-Settat, Rabat-Salé-Kenitra and Beni Mellal-Khenifra, says an agency report.

“The large amount of mud at the bottom of the dams makes it difficult to rise to the surface of the water in the event of drowning, thus minimizing the chances of survival,” explains the ABHBC, noting that swimming in the lakes requires more effort than in the sea, because the density of the latter is greater than the density of fresh water and allows the body to float on it.

Also, the ABHBC warns about the water depth of the dams, which exceeds 100 meters in some places, the presence of strong currents and counter-currents, as well as the surroundings which are not properly landscaped.

In the process, raising public awareness of the dangers of this type of bathing plays a crucial role in reducing this scourge, due to the difficulty of monitoring these reservoirs.

To do this, the ABHBC’s approach consists in initially targeting schoolchildren through a capsule in the form of cartoons to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in dam reservoirs, as well as the organization of an awareness caravan dedicated to residents living near dams, in particular Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Sidi Yahya Zaër, Rouidat, Kouachia, El Malleh, Hessar, Tamesna and Lhimer, capable of creating a culture of prevention.

Similarly, the campaign allowed the installation of new signs near the dams, the distribution of leaflets, advertising spots, as well as the broadcasting of television programs and reports to raise awareness of the risks of bathing in the reservoirs. .

In the same line, two cars equipped with loudspeakers were mobilized for this purpose, as well as the setting up of a mobile awareness stand. The objective is to expand the awareness program in this area.

Established in 2000, the ABHBC is a public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy, responsible for the development and management of water and the public hydraulic domain of Bouregreg and Chaouia.

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