Surgeon Tazi case of human trafficking sees police report nullified by court

Surgeon Tazi case of human trafficking sees police report nullified by court

The Primary Criminal Chamber specializing in financial cases at the Court of Appeal in Casablanca made a notable decision by declaring the police report presented by the National Judicial Police Unit null and void in the case against cosmetic surgeon Hassan Tazi. Dr. Tazi is currently in custody, facing charges of human trafficking.

Led by Judge Ali Tarchi, the chamber issued its ruling on Friday, nullifying the police report and consolidating the remaining defenses for further proceedings.

The session, which lasted for several hours, saw the defense confirming that the detained suspects were not informed of the charges against them during their arrests, which constitutes a violation of Article 66 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Despite the defense’s requests for temporary release presented on behalf of Dr. Hassan Tazi, his wife, brother, and two other women, the chamber rejected the motions for release.

Lawyer Mbark Maskini, part of the defense team, expressed appreciation for the outcome, considering it a milestone in the case. Maskini told MoroccoLatestNews in a statement, “We were hoping for the release of our client. However, we will appeal this decision regarding the release, even though we are satisfied with the formal aspect concerning the nullification of the report.”

The court has summoned civil claimants to participate in the next session scheduled for September 21st. The focus now remains on the court’s upcoming decisions and how the case will progress with the nullified police report.


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