Sunny escape on the beaches of Rabat

Sunny escape on the beaches of Rabat

In these times of intense heat that hits Morocco, the beaches are transformed into real havens of freshness and conviviality. The photos taken by our photographer testify to the excitement that reigns on the coast during this summer season.

In Rabat, holidaymakers settle comfortably on the golden sand. Parents, smiling under their straw hats and caps, watch over their children who are having fun in the refreshing waves.

Multi-coloured umbrellas offer welcome protection from the blazing rays of the sun, creating a well-deserved moment of relaxation. The joyful atmosphere that reigns around them is palpable.

With this heat wave, those who are currently on vacation do not miss the opportunity to take the opportunity to go to the beach. Some groups of friends even create their own relaxation area with chairs and umbrellas, forming a kind of oasis in the middle of the hot sand. Some bask in the sun, while others cool off with a swim. Peals of laughter and lively conversations echo through the air, creating an atmosphere of complicity and happiness.

These shots perfectly illustrate how Moroccans, aware of the importance of protecting themselves from the heat, gather on the beaches to find welcome relief. Whether with family or friends, these moments of sharing and relaxation offer respite from the sweltering temperatures. The beaches of Morocco are thus transformed into places of encounter, exchange and healing where ties are strengthened and memories are created.


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