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Sunday in Fez, ultimate way (and voice) of universal wisdom

For Ibrahim, a descendant of the Maalouf, a family of secular scholars or men of faith, “All music is spiritual”. The free spirit of music(s), a nomadic soul, and his “Haïdoutine” traveling companions, a fanfare of bandits with big hearts, have been tearing apart adversity and suffering with their coppery voices for centuries. humiliation.

In any case, sacred party, last night, that this sacred music, carried by a hot wind coming from the steppes: “A crazy crossbreeding” according to Maalouf. Crazy party, yes! After all, after the seventh day comes Sunday, the last episode of our Fez Festival.

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Last straight line towards the ineffable… Last chance to give thanks to the moving synagogue-museum Aben Danan, to (re)watch the “Espenbaum” cycle (at 3 pm) by Michaël Levinas with the soprano Marion Grange. For the composer, son of a philosopher, back to the Moroccan source: “The language of Celan [qu’il habille de ses mélodies], still crying. She screams, she trembles. »

The palm trees and bamboos of Jnan Sbil will also tremble (at 5 p.m.) when “L’ensemble La Tempête” blows, like the wind of history that sweeps across millennia of civilization and plays with monotheistic geographies. “From Fez to Jerusalem” will end up convincing the ecumenical festival-goer that “Each song resonates with a very small part of the building we inhabit, but also with our own feelings, the fruit of our diverse educations”…

As elegant as ever, the Adiyel manor will lend (at 7 p.m.) its chiseled architecture to the polyphonic architectures of the brotherhoods of Sardinia, male, harsh, rough, voluptuous, and sometimes angelic voices, which have their roots in the land of their Mediterranean island. and are like its emanation.

It will remain for the Fassi or resident festival-goer, when the hurried city-dwellers of the coastal capitals have taken to the road, to devote themselves entirely to the “samâa” with the brothers of the Al Zawiya Ensemble of Oman who will pass on the baton of the celestial ascent to the Orchestra of Fez and Chantres de Meknes, conducted by Mohamed Briouel. Musicians and “monchidines”, vocalists of the sacred, trace a steep and luminous path “between modulating transitions and rhythmic contrasts”. At Les Méridines (at 11 p.m.), the Tariqa Wazaniya will finish leading the sated festival-goer on the way to purification.




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