Sufism: Restitution of the proceedings of the conference on the rhetoric of the Sufi speech of 2019

A new book, restoring the work of the conference on the rhetoric of the Sufi discourse, organized in 2019 by the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences under the Abdelmalek Saâdi University of Tetouan, has just been published by Editions Afaq pour les Etudes. , Publishing and communication in Marrakech.

Under the title “The rhetoric of the Sufi discourse”, this new publication illustrates the important place of Sufism in the life of Moroccans as one of the components of moderate and fraternal Islam.

It thus includes studies aiming to unravel the secrets of the components of Sufi discourse and to make known its different forms of expression through the analysis of the different forms that the Sufi uses to present his ideas and his unique vision of Man and of the world.

These are practical studies which aim to analyze several kinds of Sufi texts, including the Chatahates (mystical paradoxes), Karamates (wonders attributed to Saints), Manamates (dreams, reveries), positions, biographies and prayers. Texts which present Sufi knowledge to the receiver according to specific strategies varying according to communication positions.

This book aims to open up new areas for the experimentation of rhetorical analysis which has demonstrated a great flexibility in the interaction with the different theories of discourse analysis to benefit from it for the broadening of the perspectives of modern approach. of the heritage text.

This approach thus made it possible to grasp the richness of Sufi texts and the elaboration of new questions which reveal deeper sides of Sufi expression.



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