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Study: Telecommuting saved employees 72 minutes a day

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that working remotely saved employees around the world an average of 72 minutes in commuting each day in 2021 and 2022.

According to a document published by the private American organization, a large number of these workers have reinvested this time to work more.

In the United States, remote work has allowed employees to save an average of 55 minutes per day per worker, according to the same source, which points out that during the Covid-19 pandemic, several employers have adopted working remotely. distance around the world.

The researchers relied on two surveys of employees who worked primarily from home at some point during the pandemic over the past two years.

China is the country where workers saved the most travel time with an average of 102 minutes.

This study highlights that the benefits of remote work accrue to both employees and employers.

According to the same source, 40% of workers took advantage of the time saved to carry out a main or secondary job, while 34% used the time saved for leisure activities.

The value of the travel time saved is even greater than the numbers suggest, write the researchers, who explain that working remotely also saves money through reduced spending on gas, train or by bus.



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