Student form sparks controversy for third gender category

Student form sparks controversy for third gender category

The Ministry of National Education has launched an investigation to ascertain facts over a student form which included the option for “other” under the sex identification categories in Khenifra’s Guerguerat Secondary School.

The student form requests that the students fill out their personal information, and displays the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports’ signature as well as the name of the institution located in the Beni Mellal Khenifra region.

The notion for a third gender category, which is shown next to the male and female gender categories, aroused debate among social media users.

Several people believed it to be an unintentional technical error, given that some work on pre-made forms and add modifications.  

Others, meanwhile, criticized the document for undermining community standards and encouraging what they saw as “socially outcast” behavior that supported homosexuality.

“Many of those who released this survey image concentrated on the nature of gender. The author of this survey appears to have made a mistake based on the choices made; otherwise, the selections here encourage something that is socially ostracized and is consistent with Western attempts that support homosexuality,” said a facebook comment on the matter. 

The administration of Guerguerat Secondary School in Tighssaline, Khenifra, refuted claims that it was the owner of the materials in a press release. 

“Following the circulation of a learner-related form on social networking sites that contains data that contradicts our value and identity. The Guerguerat Secondary School’s administration refutes the creation of this document, and reserves the right to take the appropriate legal action in the event.” 


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