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Strengthening the Africa-Europe partnership at the heart of Renewpac meetings

A Renewpac delegation, led by the Secretary General of the Popular Movement (MP), Mohamed Ouzzine in his capacity as co-president, visited the European Parliament this week following the invitation of Jean-Christophe Oetjen, also co-president and deputy of the Renew Europe group.

It was a question of discussing possible opportunities to further consolidate relations between Africa and Europe, but also between Morocco and Europe.

This gathering was an opportunity for the parties to discuss various economic, social and diplomatic issues, as well as ways to reinvigorate cooperation between the African continent and the European continent, on the one hand, and the possibility of strengthening relations between the parliament of Morocco and the European parliament, on the other hand.

This visit was characterized by the presence of high-level speakers from the European Union side, in particular Nicola Beer, Vice-President of the European Parliament, El Hadji Omar Yum, Co-Vice-President of Renewpac, as well as representatives of the European Committee on Foreign Affairs and representatives of several European parties, among others.

Ouzzine attended, accompanied by his co-vice-president, Omar Youm, the meeting of the Renew Europe office within the European hemicycle. It was agreed during this gathering, which was an opportunity to review the timeline of relations between the two continents, to organize a meeting between the Renew group and African MPs and officials.

The latter thus proposed to host the meeting in Morocco, within the framework of a conference under the theme “Reinventing the Africa-Europe partnership”.

It should be recalled that the European liberal group Renew, founded in June 2019, brings together 103 MEPs from pro-European liberal, social-liberal and federalist parties, while its regional component Renewpac collaborates with liberal parties in the Pacific, in Africa and the Caribbean (PAC).



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