Street Art in the spotlight at Hiba Lab

Street Art is invited to the Hiba Foundation through the “Street Art Inside” event on May 21 and 22, 2021 at Hiba_Lab.

This exhibition will take place in a stairwell, a conference and graffiti workshops. Born in the streets, street art, or urban art, is a contemporary artistic movement that brings together all forms of art produced in public space and encompasses various methods such as graffiti, stenciling, posters and many others .

Convinced of the artistic value of street art and its contribution to the emergence of new talented artists in Morocco, the Hiba Foundation supports and promotes this art by opening its spaces to it through an ephemeral exhibition entitled “XPO FMR – Street Art Inside ”.

In Morocco, the emergence of festivals dedicated to Street Art has allowed the development of this form of artistic expression, supported by growing interest from the public and the artistic community.

An original initiative supported by the Bureau du Québec à Rabat (BQR). This event aims to capture this visual movement of the moment by organizing an artistic exhibition that pays tribute to this young, fresh and current discipline, a real vehicle of expression for the artist who is no longer limited by the size of his board. and which explores textures, colors, techniques and dimensions.

The participation of local artists in these various events dedicated to the discipline allowed the emergence of a new generation of artists.

Street art nevertheless remains a discreet art on the national artistic scene, with fewer opportunities, and the victim of vandalism controversies.



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