Storm Bernard causes significant agricultural damage in Morocco

Storm Bernard causes significant agricultural damage in Morocco

Over the weekend, a significant storm rocked Morocco, accompanied by strong sand-laden winds exceeding 106 km/h in some areas, severely impacting agriculture, particularly soft fruit and avocado crops.

According to experts, Storm Bernard’s unanticipated ferocity resulted in winds powerful enough to uproot crops, damage trees, and devastate greenhouses. The Larache region, the epicenter of Morocco’s soft fruit, avocado, and other fruit production, emerged as the hardest-hit area, grappling with substantial losses.

Abdellah El Yamlahi, an avocado producer based in the region and president of the Moroccan Avocado Association, told FreshPlaza media “The storm was surprising. The damage in terms of crop losses and damage to trees is important. All avocado-producing regions are affected, from Loukkous to Gharb.”

Baioua Oussama, a soft fruit grower in the same region, stated that the area from Larache to Moulay Bousselhem had been greatly affected. Many growers have lost everything, particularly in arboriculture and soft fruit. 

The gusts ripped apart the trees, took away the crops, and covered the delicate fruit areas with sand. Because soft fruits are delicate, the damage is permanent.

As it approaches the Strait of Gibraltar, Hurricane Bernard is generating strong storms and unfavorable weather in cities throughout Southern Europe and Morocco. 

Trees fell across Morocco as a result of the hurricane’s gusty winds, which reached speeds of up to 100 km/h off the northwest coast of Morocco. This prevented flights from landing.

Many documented the terror of the strong winds and sand-filled air yesterday which was followed by heavy rain.

Reports suggest that as of today, the wind wouldn’t be as strong.


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