Start of tests for lines T3 and T4

Start of tests for lines T3 and T4

Traffic in the test phase for lines T3 and T4 of Casatramway has started on a section of line T3. The purpose of these tests is to confirm the reliability of all rolling stock equipment and interfaces with the rail platform, energy installations and other systems.

A press release from the local development company Casa Transport, specifies that a train from the new Casatramway fleet has been running since Wednesday July 12, 2023 on the energized part of the T3 line located between the Maintenance Center (CDM) of Al Hantat and Hay Al Wahda Terminus station, a distance of approximately 1 km. This train should gradually reach bd Idriss el Harti.

In total, 40 tramway trains will be subjected to these tests as they are received, and which will then be used to ensure the commercial service of lines T3 and T4 of the Casablanca Tramway.

In this respect, Casa Transport invites the inhabitants of the metropolis during this phase to be vigilant and to respect the rules of road safety.

It is:

– Do not drive on the platform exclusively reserved for the tramway
– Respect the priority of the tram at crossroads

The construction work for Casatramway lines T3 and T4 is also in its final phase. To date, the platform and railway works have been carried out over a length of 25.5 km out of a total of 26 km, and urban development up to 81%.


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