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Staffan De Mistura completes informal consultations

The personal envoy of the UN Secretary General, Staffan De Mistura has completed his bilateral talks with the parties involved in the Sahara issue and informed Antonio Guterres.

This week, Staffan De Mistura met with all the stakeholders in the Sahara issue, starting with Algeria, the Polisario, then Mauritania and Morocco, as well as Western countries indirectly involved in the situation, namely Spain. , the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and France.

He thus carried out “informal and bilateral consultations”, terms intended to appease the wrath of the Algerians who had previously refused to take part in the round tables initiated by the UN while the resolutions of the Security Council formally urged him to participate.

These “informal” bilateral discussions have above all helped Antonio Guterres’ personal envoy to take stock before the next session of the United Nations Security Council scheduled for April, where Staffan De Mistura is to deliver a presentation of the situation. .

The UN announced on Monday that the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, received his personal envoy for the Sahara on Thursday evening to discuss the results of the “informal and bilateral consultations” that de Mistura held earlier in the week and discuss ways to reinvigorate the roundtable political process to move the file forward.

Last October, the latest UN resolution on the Sahara indicated that the Security Council “strongly” urged Morocco, Algeria, the Polisario and Mauritania to dialogue with the Personal Envoy, Staffan de Mistura, throughout the duration of the procedure with a realistic spirit and with commitment.



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