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“Sports Generation”: The pilot phase launched in 60 public primary schools in the CS region

The kick-off of the pilot phase of the “Sports Generation” program in 60 public primary schools in the Casablanca-Settat region was given recently at the Ibnou Hazm primary school located in Al Hank in the economic capital of the Kingdom. , at the initiative of the NGO Tibu Africa, the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports and the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) in the region.

To this end, a three-year partnership agreement was signed between the director of AREF Casablanca-Settat, Abdelmoumen Talib, and the President of the NGO Tibu Africa, Mohamed Amine Zariat, in the presence of the Governor of the district prefecture. of Casablanca-Anfa, provincial directors, directors of primary public establishments, Sport-Health facilitators, parents of students and students benefiting from this program.

This program, says Tibu Africa, is part of the implementation of the provisions of the framework law 51-17 relating to the system of education and training, in particular project n ° 11 aimed at improving school sport by creating the necessary conditions for the practice of school sporting activities by learners and making it a breeding ground for the exploration of sporting talents, by refining their skills and directing them towards national sports clubs.

The “Sports Generation” program consists of providing 60 public primary schools in the Casablanca-Settat region with 60 Sport-Health facilitators, in order to offer beneficiary children access to quality education through sport which preserve their health, encourage students and their parents to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle and contribute to the development of their self-esteem and their motor, cognitive and socio-emotional abilities.

On this occasion, the director of AREF Casablanca-Settat, stressed that sport is a fertile field for a balanced education given its contribution to raising the level of openness of personality and positive communication, while strengthening values ​​of cooperation, respect for others and fair competitiveness, in addition to building a constructive collective spirit.

And to add that in line with the strategic vision 2015-2030 and the new attributions granted to the AREFs in terms of management of the sports field at the regional level, the Academy of Casablanca-Settat works to establish the bases of a new school based on equity, equal opportunities and quality for all, noting that the school constitutes a major pillar of the Moroccan societal project.

For Talib, AREF strives to promote a school that is open to its environment and works hand in hand with associations, in particular specializing in parallel activities, with the aim of contributing to developing students’ abilities and encouraging creation and innovation and serve as a breeding ground for revealing the sporting talents of tomorrow.

For his part, the President of Tibu Africa stressed that his NGO, the main organization in social innovation through sport in Morocco and Africa, aims through this program to develop the technical, intellectual and social skills of students through the educational and sports activities.

While saying it is proud to launch the “Sports Generation” program in cooperation with AREF Casablanca-Settat, Zariat noted that the program will first encourage children in 60 primary schools in the region to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle thanks to some sixty sports-health facilitators trained by the NGO Tibu Africa, noting that these facilitators will go to public primary schools every day to organize activities for access to sport, health and sustainable development.

This is a pilot phase at the level of 60 primary schools in the region which will benefit nearly 36,000 students whose results will be evaluated around September-November with a view to extending this experience to other schools. primary schools in the region and across the Kingdom, he added, noting that through this program the focus will be on encouraging parents to inspire their children to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle in home and in the neighborhood.




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