Speaker for House of Councillors cancels anticipated Tel Aviv trip

Speaker for House of Councillors cancels anticipated Tel Aviv trip

Enaam Mayara’s highly anticipated visit to Israel’s Knesset faced an unexpected delay as a result of a sudden health emergency that led to his hospitalization in Jordan. 

Mayara, the Speaker of the Moroccan House of Councillors, was originally scheduled to lead a Moroccan delegation on an official visit to the Knesset on Thursday. 

The Speaker of the House of Councillors’ planned visit to Israel’s Knesset was seen as a significant step in potentially expanding the circles of peace in the Middle East. 

Mayara’s visit would have included a ceremonial guard of honor, the raising of the Moroccan flag, and the playing of the Moroccan national anthem within the Knesset’s walls for the first time. 

An official welcome with music by the Israel Police Band was also on the agenda, along with a special ceremony in the Chagall State Hall, where Mayara was scheduled to sign the Knesset visitor’s book.

This unexpected hospitalization has cast doubt on Mayara’s landmark visit to the Knesset, but doctors will soon decide whether Mayara is fit to continue his journey to Israel. 

Commenting on Mayara’s visit to Israel, Amir Ohana, the Knesset’s Speaker, said that “What better way to express the great ties between our nations than to foster strong ties between their parliaments” 

Ohana added, “It is a visit that will set precedents of the new era that has been born on the basis of relations between the two.” 

“This visit, which is unprecedented, marks the beginning of a new phase in relations between Israel and Morocco. Greeting and congratulating my friend Enaam Mayara, Speaker of the House of Councillors, on his historic visit is a pleasure on my part,” Ohana concluded. 


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