Spanish police dismantle network of Algerian smugglers

Spanish police dismantle network of Algerian smugglers

The Spanish national police, operating in the region of Murcia, announced on Tuesday the arrest of four Algerian smugglers without papers, accused of migrant smuggling. According to the Spanish authorities, Algerians represent 73% of irregular migrants arriving on the Spanish coasts.

“The arrests took place as part of an operation carried out by the National Police during the month of May on the coast of Cartagena, with the main objective of detecting criminal groups and organizations that could use this area of ​​​​the region to the landing of illegal immigrants in zodiac-type boats,” Spanish police said in a statement.

The people arrested, 4 in number, are all Algerian and undocumented. According to the Spanish police, 3 of them were in an irregular administrative situation in Spain, and specified that 2 of them were repeat offenders.

The Algerian nationals were arrested for “smuggling of migrants” and “violation of the law on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain”, indicates the Spanish national police.

The four detainees have been brought to court and appropriate legal action has been taken, the statement noted, indicating that investigations into the case are continuing and further arrests are not ruled out.

Based on the count of Spanish local authorities, 73% of irregular migrants arriving on the Spanish coast are Algerians, a phenomenon that increasingly worries Iberian political and associative circles.

Both the local authorities and several political parties have expressed their concern about this migratory wave, which continues to grow.


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