Spanish Minister highlights success of roadmap with Morocco, vows continuation

Spanish Minister highlights success of roadmap with Morocco, vows continuation

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the ‘roadmap’ agreement between Spain and Morocco. 

“A roadmap represents a process, a long-term commitment between both countries,” Albares said in an interview with Europa Press. 

The Minister emphasized Spain’s long-term commitment, while refraining from providing specific details regarding the opening of the customs in Ceuta and the reopening of Melilla customs.

The Minister did not provide clarification on whether the snap elections and the government formation deadlock in Spain have affected the scheduled timeline, or if there are upcoming trade expeditions on the horizon.

Albares pinpointed the favorable results stemming from the newly established relationship with Morocco in March 2022, a connection that emerged after endorsing the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara.

The minister highlighted the decrease in immigrant arrivals through this route compared to Italy or Greece, the continuously growing trade figures, and the exceptional cooperation in counterterrorism efforts.

 “All of this demonstrates that the roadmap has been a success and will continue,” Albares said.

Regarding the recent increase in boat arrivals in the Canary Islands, the minister acknowledged not having the latest updated data.

He stated that it “has nothing to do with Morocco but with the broader instability in the Sahel region and, therefore, originates from those coasts.”

The minister stated that achieving absolute border security and zero irregular immigrant arrivals is not possible. 

Still, when comparing the 305% increase in arrivals in Italy and a 95% increase in Greece, “one can see that Spain has strong partnerships and cooperation with West Africa as well.”

Regarding Algeria, whose foreign minister recently stated that the relationship remains “stagnant,” Albares did not clarify if there had been any contacts to resolve the crisis. He reiterated Spain’s desire to have a relationship with Algeria, just like with its other neighbors and Arab countries, based on friendship.


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