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Spain’s position is ‘very clear’ and ‘sovereign’ says Albares

The head of Spanish diplomacy, José Manuel Albares, reaffirmed, on Saturday, the position of the Spanish State on the question of the Sahara to silence Algerian interference. The position of Spain, which supports the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara, is “very clear” and “sovereign”.

Spain is a “free and sovereign” country, declared the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, sending a clear message to its main and only detractor in this affair, Algeria, which has taken a series of measures aimed at negatively impacting the ‘Spain.

The Iberian country, recalls the minister, is sovereign to make its own decisions in terms of foreign policy, adding that Spain “thinks for itself”, and denouncing a “false debate”.

Without criticizing frontally Algeria, a country which allowed itself to interfere in Spanish internal affairs, the diplomat responded to the multiple attacks which Madrid is the subject of from Algiers.

In this sense, he rejected “interference by third countries” in a matter that concerns Spain, through the government’s foreign policy, while calling for “mutual respect”.

Spain wants good relations with its neighboring countries “based on the same principles of mutual respect, sovereign equality and non-interference in internal affairs”, launched the minister.

José Manuel Albares, who was speaking during a day organized at the Spanish Congress of Deputies on the NATO Summit, which will be held on June 29 and 30 in Madrid, took the opportunity to recall the position of the Spain which considers the Moroccan autonomy initiative as “the most serious, realistic and credible basis for the resolution of the dispute” around the Sahara.

“The position of the Spanish government on the Sahara is very clear and has been confirmed by the President of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez, to HM King Mohammed VI”, he added, explaining that the criticisms which may have been made are motivated by “false interests”.




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