Spain welcomes its cooperation with Morocco

Spain welcomes its cooperation with Morocco

Following the increase in the number of arrivals in recent weeks on the coasts of the archipelago, the Spanish Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, recalled the collaboration that Spain maintains with Morocco and other countries. for the fight against the mafias involved in the trafficking and exploitation of migrants.

Speaking to the media during her visit to the 16th Brigade in the Canary Islands, Spanish Defense Minister Margaritas Robles noted that at this time of year the arrival of irregular boats is greater in because of the good weather.

And to add: We must take into account that we live in a very unjust world, where economic and social inequalities are numerous, and that there are mafias. It is therefore absolutely essential to combat them“.

For the Minister, you can’t put doors on the sea“, and pointed out that ” the work is done in collaboration with many countries, and not only with Morocco“.

When there are tragedies like the ones that have happened and are happening these days, we cannot forget humanity and solidarity“, adds Margarita Robles. Finally, she called for not being “indifferent” to the pain of people who have to leave their country, ” and that is why it is so important, and Spain is strongly committed to this, to work with other countries to fight the mafias“.

Moreover, Rabat is considered by Madrid as an ally ” strategic » in the fight against irregular immigration but also in the fight against human trafficking. This Moroccan-Spanish cooperation has made it possible, thanks to the efforts made by the authorities of the two partners, to record a significant drop in the number of migrants arriving on Iberian territory, in particular on the occupied presides.

In addition, a Moroccan-Spanish permanent mixed migration group held its 21st meeting last Friday to discuss the migration partnership as a whole. The Spanish officials present took this opportunity to thank the Moroccan authorities for the major efforts deployed in the fight against irregular migration, noting that the results of the actions are indeed tangible.

For its part, Morocco proposed during this meeting held in Marrakech the development of a regional Charter on the humanized management of borders, which is part of the continuity of the royal high vision for the implementation place of a humanist, inclusive and solidarity-based migration strategy, placing respect for the rights and dignity of migrants at the heart of migration policy.


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