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Spain: Lacking in popularity, Vox attacks Morocco

The far-right Vox party has once again taken aim at Morocco by publishing a report devoted to the kingdom, implying that it would like to “influence” Spain. After its political tumble and its meaningless populist positions that did not convince the Spaniards, the members of this extremist political body are seeking to regain popularity on the back of Morocco.

Spain’s far-right Vox party continues to provoke Morocco and question the new high-level relationship between Rabat and Madrid, instead of just discussing Spain’s internal politics. What bothers the ultra-nationalist party is none other than the Sahara, a former Spanish colony returned under Moroccan sovereignty.

Vox misses no opportunity to tap on Morocco and invent or inflate information. When the Pegasus bugging affair broke out in France, the party created controversy in Spain by accusing the Kingdom of being behind bugging in Spain.

Investigations at the highest level of the Spanish State have finally enabled Morocco to be exonerated of all these accusations and to restore the truth. Except that the Vox party got away with it without realizing its many provocations and in the face of this relentlessness which fooled no one, there is reason to wonder what relationship the Vox leaders have with Algeria and if there is foreign interference in Spanish politics through this party, because there is too much proximity of views on the Sahara issue between these two actors.

Vox decided to gather in a report, elements which should explain why he thinks that Morocco ” used “ Or “attempts to use” means of influence on Spain, in particular with the presence of Moroccans on Spanish territory.

The report estimates that “taking into account the size of the Moroccan community and its characteristics and taking into account the importance of the interests at stake for Spain” Morocco would like to create a “lobby of influence” in this Iberian state.

To support his point Vox took up the terms of the president of the House of Councilors, Enaam Mayara, who had called on Moroccans living in Spain to join political parties in order to “to bring the positions between the two countries closer and thus form a lobby to help defend all causes related to the homeland”.

This position taken by the Saharawi politician came at a time when Algeria is sending thousands of “Polisarians” to Spain and who actively participate in local political life to propagate separatist theses.

The party puts forward a “imperative need to know as deeply as possible how the Moroccan political authorities use, or try to use its abundant residents – more than 872,000 as of January 1, 2023, the first community of foreigners – – and how they try to make Spaniards feel of Moroccan origin that their loyalty must go to the mother country”.

The report drawn up by the Disenso de Vox Foundation adds that Morocco has claimed since its independence Sebta and Melilla, supposedly declaring that these are “Spanish territories which have never been under its Moroccan sovereignty”, even though they are an integral part of Moroccan territory, geographically and legally attached to the Kingdom of Morocco.

For the fascist Vox party, we should be wary of Morocco, which it qualifies of “actor whose influence on our national territory is notorious, with ambitions which are expressed more and more clearly and with force”.

Vox would also like to silence the use of chemical weapons by Spain in the Rif war. The report thus speaks of the Amazigh World Assembly (AMA), headed by Rachid Raha, born in Nador and possessing dual Spanish and Moroccan nationality, and of the supposed “advertisement” given to it by “Basque and Catalan political sectors for obvious reasons”.

“The issue of the use of chemical weapons is getting a lot of political backlash, taking advantage of the general ignorance that exists in sectors of our politics and media about it, which easily go from feeling guilty for what they don’t know and that others are manipulating, to ask for forgiveness again and to be willing to contribute, in a dangerous way, to any type of reparation”, estimates the Vox foundation.

The party also attacks the Muslim religion in Spain: “Since 2015, the teaching of Islamic religion courses in Catalan public educational centers has been in the hands of staff made available by the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans residing abroad”. “This is what pays the two dozen teachers who teach Arab and Moroccan culture”, he underlines, being indignant that the Generalitat of Catalonia provides him with classes and Morocco with teachers.

For the far-right formation, all these things “serve as a call to attention on the need to be vigilant in the face of the dissemination of ideas and policies of influence by Moroccan Islamist actors”.



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