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Spain extends the closure of its land borders with Morocco

The Spanish Interior Ministry has announced that the closure of land borders with the Moroccan cities of Sebta and Melilla has been extended for another 15 days.

“The government has decided to extend for another 15 days the closure of the land borders of Ceuta and Melilla with Morocco to finalize, within the framework of the ongoing bilateral work with the Moroccan authorities, the exact details and the mechanisms that will allow govern the next reopening of crossing points between the two countries”said the same ministry.

He points out, however, that in this case the extension period will only be valid for 15 days, so the conditions for a gradual and orderly reopening of the border posts at the entrance and exit of Sebta and Melilla.

The borders of two Moroccan cities were closed for the first time in 2020 due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus and its new variants. Moreover, they remained closed during a diplomatic crisis last year between Madrid and Rabat.

The previous decree closing the borders with two Spanish enclaves, following the recommendations of the Council of the European Union due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, expired at midnight this Saturday, April 30.

According to the recent announcement from the Home Office, the recent changes were put in place on May 1 and will remain in effect until May 15.

The Spanish authorities have announced that the number of people trying to reach the Spanish enclaves of Melilla and Sebta, and therefore the countries of the European Union from Morocco, has marked a notable increase in recent months.

Last month, the Spanish authorities announced that the borders were about to reopen. In addition, the Spanish Civil Guard said it would install the most sophisticated high-tech equipment to help detect people trying to reach the country’s borders illegally.

The resumption of diplomatic relations between Spain and Morocco was sealed in early April with the visit to Rabat of the head of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez, when the two neighboring countries decided to“inaugurate a new stage” of their partnership.

“One of the first objectives will be the restoration of the circulation of goods and merchandise at the border posts of Sebta and Melilla”, had then promised the Spanish leader. Maritime links for their part resumed on April 12 with the arrival in Tangier of the first ferry from Spain for two years.




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