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Spain and Europe must show solidarity with Morocco, according to Pedro Sanchez

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, praised the efforts made by Morocco to fight against the mafias of illegal immigration, stressing that Spain and Europe are called upon to show solidarity with the Kingdom. .

Some ”sometimes seem to think that countries like Morocco do not suffer from illegal immigration. Spain and Europe must show solidarity with Morocco” in his fight against illegal immigration networks, said Pedro Sanchez, in an interview with the daily ”El Pais”, published on Monday.

”We must recognize the effort made by Morocco, which is also under pressure from irregular migration”observed Pedro Sanchez, assuring that ‘‘the real culprits of the violent assault carried out last week by sub-Saharan migrants against the metal fence separating the towns of Nador and Melilia are the mafias’.

”What happened at the fence (…) was a violent attack carried out by armed migrants”recalled the Spanish official, calling for ‘‘exercise empathy with the Spanish security forces and the Moroccan public forces, which suffered from a violent attack that injured hundreds of law enforcement officers’.

After recalling that his country “has always defended regular and orderly migration”, Pedro Sanchez pointed out that the collaboration between Spain and Morocco in the management of migratory flows is ”very narrow”.

“The cooperative relationship between the two governments is frankly positive”he concluded.

The last attempt at a group assault on the metal fence in the province of Nador was marked by the use of unprecedented violence by the candidates for irregular immigration against the elements of the police, who acted professionally and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Armed with stones, truncheons and sharp objects, these candidates for illegal immigration put up violent resistance to the police, mobilized to prevent them from crossing the fence.




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