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SpaceX postpones the first test flight of the world’s largest rocket

The American space group SpaceX announced on Monday that it has postponed the first test flight of the world’s largest rocket Starship.

The takeoff, scheduled from the Starbase space base, located in the far south of Texas, was postponed for a technical problem.

SpaceX said it would need at least 48 hours before attempting an uncrewed test flight of its rocket again.

Starship was designed to deliver people, including NASA astronauts, and cargo such as satellites to Earth orbit and beyond. SpaceX is planning future crewed missions to the Moon and, at some point, deep space destinations, including Mars.

When the launch attempt takes place, the Super Heavy booster rocket is expected to detach from Starship after an initial ascent through space and perform a controlled dive into the Gulf of Mexico. If all goes according to plan, the Starship rocket will continue on its way and will cross space by making almost a complete revolution around the Earth. It will then land in the Pacific Ocean off Hawaii.



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