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Space technologies, essential tools for resolving development issues

Space technologies are now essential tools for resolving a plurality of development issues, underlined, Thursday in Rabat, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui.

The Minister, who chaired the 10th Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors of the African Regional Center for Space Science and Technology in French Language (CRASTE-LF), affirmed that Morocco is fully aware of the importance of these technologies. and the advisability of mobilizing them for development purposes, citing as such the creation of the Royal Center for Spatial Remote Sensing in 1989 and the launch of 2 earth observation satellites (Mohammed VI-A and Mohammed VI-B ) which guarantee autonomous access to spatial information thanks to precise images obtained every 3 days with a spatial resolution of 50 cm.

And to add that Morocco is actively working to promote cooperation in the field of space science and technology, with particular interest for the partner countries of our continent, in accordance with the Enlightened Vision of King Mohammed VI. , based on South-South cooperation, which is undoubtedly a lever for accelerating the development of the African continent.

The minister said that the actions carried out by Morocco to support the activities of CRASTE-LF fall within this perspective through the establishment of a master’s degree in Space Science and Technology, accredited with university establishments. Moroccans, in this case the Faculty of Sciences, the Mohammed V University of Rabat and the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute and support for short-term training courses provided by CRASTE-LF, technical workshops restricted to experts, conferences and open seminars.

For his part, the director of CRASTE-LF, Anas Omran said that the center, created in 1998, has set itself the objective of strengthening the capacities of member countries in the field of space science and technology, adding that the center organizes training, whether in Morocco or in the Member States, in the space field.

The need for space science and technology has become more urgent than ever, he said, pointing out that space-related technologies are present in many services such as communications and agriculture, among others.

He also pointed out that the countries of the South need these technologies the most, especially since they are free, assuring that the center aims to train young people in the field of space-related technologies as well as looking for new markets.

During this session, two agreements were signed, the first between CRASTE-LF and the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI), relating to the modalities of Morocco’s support to the Member States of the Center in the field of and space technologies. As for the second agreement, it was concluded between CRASTE-LF and the General Directorate of Meteorology (DGM), aiming to organize several training courses for the benefit of trainees from member countries of the Centre.

Representatives of the African States members of the Center and the representative of the Office of Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations were present at the meeting of the Board of Directors of CRASTE-LF, which is part of the United Nations.




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