Souk l’Oustouwanat: The Hiba Foundation launches its musical clearance sale

On the occasion of Record Shop day, celebrated every year around the world, the Hiba Foundation is organizing the first musical clearance sale “Souk l’Oustouwanat” at the Renaissance cinema, on June 12, 2021 in Rabat.

To celebrate International Record Shop Day, the Hiba Foundation had the idea of ​​organizing a clearance sale with a musical theme where lovers of all cultural objects can exhibit or sell their products, namely: Vinyls, CDs, record players , speakers, comics, movie or concert posters and t-shirts of musical groups.

This first edition entitled “Souk l’oustouwanat” (the record souk) aims to create an emulation and encourage the meeting of vinyl record collectors and audiophiles. A call for participation has been launched to identify these record stores and collectors across Morocco.

Since its creation, the Disquaire Day has asserted itself as a major event in the music industry. It is moreover through this world day of support for independent record stores that the great comeback of vinyl took place.

By finding their way back to their neighborhood record stores, many music lovers have revived the pleasure of physical records and the notion of buying cultural goods.

In this period of restriction marked by the global pandemic, Souk l’Oustouwanat promises to be the privileged moment when music lovers and the entire music industry will meet.



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