Souad Jamaï publishes his latest novel “The Oath of the Last Messenger”

The novelist Souad Jamaï, has just published her latest work “The Oath of the Last Messenger”, published by the editions “La Croisée des Chemins”, and which delivers a vision of a possible future where the joint interests of pharmaceutical firms and companies insurance take precedence over the health of populations.

The book, far from being pessimistic, on the contrary highlights the stubbornness of humanism to exist against all odds.

The Oath of the Last Messenger, is a tale from the future that sheds light on the anomalies of the present, tells the story of a young surgeon Yélif. The latter discovers at least disturbing practices within the hospital where he practices, and in doing so, he sheds light on a dark manipulation involving pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

In his investigation, he is helped by Ali, an old doctor with a look mixed with cynicism and derision, and by Azel, a colleague, who crosses his path and turns his life upside down.

Souad Jamaï lives in Rabat where she works as a cardiologist. His first novel, “Un toubib dans la ville”, appeared in 2016 by Afrique Orient. In 2018, she created a theater company made up entirely of doctors and directed her first novel. The second, “Paper wings”, was published in 2019 by Virgule Éditions.


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