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SOS Racisme rebels against the Ministry of the Interior

SOS Racisme has stepped up to the plate after a new racist drift in the filing of Muslim students by the police in France. The French Interior Ministry was forced to explain itself, but no argument presented explains the merits of this approach, which only targets Muslims and not other religious groups.

Once again, the French government finds itself at the heart of a controversy involving Muslims and therefore the children of North African and African immigrants. An operation of “flicking” Muslim students who missed a day of school on the day of Aid Al Fitr has just been revealed in Toulouse.

Shockingly, this operation could have been understood if it had been carried out by the Ministry of National Education and if it had concerned all faiths in France, but it only targets Muslims and worse, it was commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior, which is similar to the early filing of Muslim children by the police.

This Islamophobic and racist policy accentuated since the presidency of Emmanuel Macron continues to fuel the controversy and the fascist tangent that France is taking.

The SOS Racisme association said it was “shocked” and indignant in a press release for this maneuver which “associates Muslim religious practice with a matter of security or internal intelligence”.

The NGO indicated that this practice breaks with the essential principles of France, namely secularism and the equality of all citizens. The association nevertheless welcomed “the reaction of the National Education staff” who did not accede to the request of the police services who sent them a request to give them the data of absences on the day. of the Aid holiday.

“SOS Racisme asks (the Ministry of the Interior) to establish the reasons which may have led officials of the DDSP (Departmental Directorate of Public Security) of Haute-Garonne to make such a request. “, explained the association.

The Minister of the Interior designated as the sponsor of this operation to count absences in schools or “religious record”, admitted to having used a practice measuring the impact of religious holidays on school absenteeism.

In a statement, his department said “regularly study the impact of certain religious holidays on the functioning of public services and in particular within the school sphere”.

Gérald Darmanin’s department admitted having used ” evaluation of the absenteeism rate observed on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, on April 21,indicating that she “could be requested, in certain academies, from the heads of establishment”.

The Secretary of State for Citizenship, Sonia Backès, who signed the press release, denied any plan to “file”. “No personal data was requested or recorded at any time”she added.

The former first secretary of the Socialist Party (PS), Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, reacted to this measure, emphasizing that it is a“unbelievable situation”.

“It’s nonsense there, frankly. We are in an incredible situation. I ask that the Minister of the Interior shed light on this affair. Let him tell us if it’s a directive or if the police, in their own name, have decided to file this file throughout the city “he said on Radio J.

“What led to the police deciding to contact the heads of establishments to find out the rate of absenteeism? What were they looking for? That’s what you need to know”he added.

The case was revealed last week by La Dépêche du Midi which informed that police officers in the Toulouse region had asked schools by email to inform them about the absenteeism rate on April 21, which corresponded to the celebration of the end of Ramadan for Muslims in France.

The request, which is similar to a religious record targeting Muslim students, shocked educational and administrative officials, while the rector of the Academy, consulted by directors, recommended ignoring this request which does not come from the ‘National Education.



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