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Soon laptops without physical screens

Future laptops will no longer have physical screens, but rather augmented reality glasses that allow you to work anywhere and on a large virtual screen.

This is the project presented by the Israeli designer of augmented reality solutions Sightful, which offers the Spacetop portable PC, the first portable computer without a physical screen, accompanied by a pair of augmented reality glasses in order to project software windows on a virtual screen.

The Tel Aviv-based company says the goal is to free users from small laptop screens, to work more comfortably on a virtual screen that measures up to 100 inches (2.54 meters), at using glasses with Full HD definition (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) for each eye and an integrated audio system. This great IT evolution also highlights the protection of privacy, since it is possible to work in public places, the massive and curved virtual screen being invisible to anyone other than its owner.

Priced at $2,000, the new laptop features an ARM Snapdragon 865 processor, runs AOSP (open source Android operating system) and has 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage, 5G, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, a 2.560×1.920 webcam for video conferencing, as well as a fingerprint reader. It is also possible for the user to connect a conventional external display to one of the two 10 Gbps USB-C ports with DisplayPort 1.4 capabilities. The device, which measures 26.59 cm wide, 25 cm deep and weighs 1.5 kg including the headset, comes with an augmented reality headset (146 x 175 x 44 mm, unfolded) attached to the front of the chassis offering a resolution of 1.080p per eye, at 72 Hz and which weighs 106 grams.



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