Sonia Noor releases “Bhor Lbalia”, or unconditional love and its different colors

Moroccan artist, singer, guitarist and composer, the young rising star Sonia Noor presents her new song “Bhor Lbalia”, Which speaks of unconditional love and the different colors that constitute this love.

After announcing her signature with Universal Music MENA, Sonia Noor returns with a new hit that she will certainly play during a concert scheduled for Thursday, July 15 at the French Institute in Rabat (Places limited to 50, strictly following health guidelines ).

Bhor Lbalia traces the circle of emotions and feelings that cross us indefinitely: the passion that animates the senses, the sadness that blurs the sight, the romance that softens the heart, and the joy that heals the soul. This circle is broken by resilience, which, through its movement and its dance, comes to lighten our heart and allow us to breathe again, to let the deep essence of unconditional love emerge.”Sonia Noor said, quoted in a press release announcing the release of her hit.

Passionate about music since childhood, Sonia Noor began to sing and play the guitar on her own. His musical universe reflects his plural cultural identity where oriental rhythms combine with soul and pop influences. In January 2016, she participated in the French program ” the New Star And ranks among the last 16 finalists out of 10,000 applicants.

Back in Morocco, she completed her artistic training at the Casablanca Music Institute, and participated in several events such as Jazzablanca Festival in 2018 and the Visa For Music Festival in November 2020. On the occasion of the National Circus School Shems’ festival y in 2018, she participated in artistic creation “Amakyn»Directed by Fatym Layachi, who gives him the main role of singing and comedy.

The young artist also collaborates with several artists such as Asmaa Hamzaoui, the rising star of Moroccan gnaoua. His latest featuring, ” Mra or Mermora“, With the famous DJ Mr. ID, who makes the Moroccan musical heritage shine across the globe, is a tribute to Moroccan women.

Since September 2017, and in collaboration with Maroc Live Entertainment Group, Sonia Noor has been promoting her musical universe that she shares with her audience during concerts and festivals. During this year 2021, Sonia signed with Universal Music MENA, and therefore released her new song “Bhor Lbalia”, Which is now available on all streaming platforms and social networks.



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