“Sometimes the poet loves”, new collection of poems by Said Kobrite

Journalist and writer Said Kobrite has just published a new collection of poems entitled “Sometimes the poet loves”.

The poet, author of several works including “Rendez-vous ajournés” (collection of texts, 2013), “Like a passion that runs after the wind” (poetry, 2016) or even “I am going towards you, captive of your secret” (poetry, 2018), shares with the reader in the back cover the spirit of this collection: “written in desperate rage, this text says less about salient rebellion than about fragility. The roles are reversed: man is just that: a hope. And the female figure, demonized: a cold metal ”. ”

Like a jeweler, the poet does custom work here! He gets paid for his gesture and his sweat to the lover who offers a raw material. The discourse of love, captured in all its nuances, does not reproduce known shapes and patterns ”, continues Mr. Kobrite in the exhibition of his work, whose poet“ goes beyond taxonomy to offer us states where it is the man, finally come, that we see. Egotism is only apparent. The poetic verb constantly comes to vitiate it and thus redeem the text of the empire of testimony.

The reader perceives under the body exhibited only the skeleton of one who was a man and who became, after drift and shipwreck, a fully poet ”. Holder of a doctorate dedicated to Cultural Discourse in the Audiovisual Press in Morocco (2004) and winner, in 2004, of the National Press Grand Prize – radio category, Said Kobrite is President of the House of the Press in Morocco, member of the National Press Council and member of the Executive Board of the Moroccan Writers’ Union.


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