Some 16 billion DH to support the prices of butane gas and sugar

The Council of Government approved, during its meeting of this Thursday, June 9, a draft decree opening additional appropriations for the benefit of the operating budget – common charges, presented by Fouzi Lekjaa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy and Finance in charge of the budget.

During the press briefing held this Thursday at the end of the Government Council, the government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas, explained that this draft decree approved by the CG, comes to accompany the dynamics of the international market for subsidized products during the first five months of the current year, which has seen significant changes and pressures driven by the desire for economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic and the repercussions of geostrategic upheavals in certain regions of the world.

This project, continues the government spokesman, aims to continue the government’s policy which aims to protect the purchasing power of citizens by maintaining the domestic sale price of butane gas and ensuring the stability of sugar prices. , and which followed the consequent increase in the expenses of the compensation fund compared to the budgets initially opened in the 2022 finance law.

The government has decided to use its additional expenditure credits amounting to 16 billion dirhams intended to cover compensation expenses, Mustapha Baitas said.

According to Article 70 of the Constitution, in case of urgent and unforeseen necessity of national interest, additional funds can be released by decree during the year. The two committees in charge of finances in Parliament are informed beforehand, in accordance with article 60 of the organic finance law.



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