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Sofia Fagroud wins the 1st prize ‘Employment, youth and environment’

CFI Prize: Sofia Fagroud wins the 1st prize for 'Employment, youth and the environment'

The Moroccan journalist, Sofia Fagroud, recently won the first prize in the international competitionOrganized by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the media Canal France International (CFI).

Sofia Fagroud was awarded in the Employment, Youth and Environment category for her report entitled “ Red algae against poverty and pollution“, broadcast on the airwaves of the Radio SNRT, Inter Channel and on Fully spelled out.

Initiated by CFI as part of the Media Lab Environment project, the competition was launched in six Arab countries, namely Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

Thus, the five winners of the prize were awarded during a ceremony organized on December 8 in Tunis. In addition to Moroccan Sofia Fagroud, four other winners were awarded, including Chahreddine Berriah from Algeria in the Social Justice and Environmental Justice category, Oussama Bouchiba from Tunisia in the Water and Environment category, Hadir El Hadri from Egypt in the Equal gender and environment as well as Rahma Diaa from Egypt also in the Sustainable Development and Environment category.



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