Societe Generale Morocco launches its new strategic plan “Jossour 25”

Societe Generale Morocco announced, Tuesday in Casablanca, the launch of its new strategic plan “Jossour 25”, aligned with the purpose of the group.

“We are launching our new strategic program called +Jossour 2025+ after finalizing the first program called +Avenir 2019-2021+”, declared the chairman of the management board of Société Générale Maroc, Ahmed El Yacoubi, during a press conference organized by the group around “strategic ambitions 2025”. Societe Generale Morocco thus marks the successful completion of the first stage of its transformation strategy, and confirms its ambitions for the future by initiating the new “Jossour25” strategic plan, aligned with the group’s raison d’être. -he says.

Capitalizing on post-crisis lessons, Societe Generale is making major changes to respond to new customer uses and the needs of a new generation that wants to have a different banking value proposition. This plan is also in line with the Group’s orientations and raison d’être: “Building together, with our clients, a better and sustainable future by providing responsible and innovative financial solutions”.

This is a firm commitment that translates into new ambitions around 4 major areas, in particular giving customers the choice between two relational models, either an omnichannel model around expert bankers made available for each customer segment or a remote and full digital model under the SoGé brand with simplified customer experiences. Thanks to the pooling of its platform, SoGé claims the position of the cheapest bank on the market.

The other axes consist of transforming the group into an agile and customer-oriented technological player, acting for society and the environment through targeted investments and concrete achievements and strengthening Morocco’s positioning as the Group’s technological platform for Africa. .

This dynamic is materialized in particular by the industrialization of the new Retail Relationship Model thanks to the development of Relationship Agencies which will constitute 75% of the network by 2025 with several innovative types of agencies specialized by segment and “Agencies without checkout”. This system is accompanied by the acceleration of the implementation of customer Self Care tools (ELS, Applications, “open” Transactional Access in all branches, etc.) and by an intensification of relationships thanks to the expertise of the Specialized Advisors, including the number will be multiplied by 5 by 2025.

In addition, Société Générale Maroc launched SoGé Ado, the first offer aimed at young people aged 12 to 18 and their parents. SoGé thus continues to represent a real innovation in the Moroccan banking market.

New fully remote and secure relational model, SoGé is constantly expanding its service offering to better meet the needs of a diverse clientele, whether in terms of empowerment, relational proximity and quality of service.

With this system, SoGé participates in the process of financial and economic inclusion in Morocco. The SoGé Ado offer thus provides young people aged 12 to 18, under the supervision of their parents, with a complete value proposition of fluid and simple banking and extra-banking services, to assist them on a daily basis in the management of their budget and the development of their financial autonomy.

The Group’s ongoing commitment to profitable and sustainable development in favor of a more inclusive economy places Social and Environmental Responsibility as a cross-functional strategic axis. Societe Generale Morocco’s CSR commitments are a continuation of those of the Group, which deploys a proactive and responsible strategy around two priorities to respond to the climate emergency, namely supporting its customers in their energy transition and gradually reducing its activities related to the most carbon-intensive energies.

In addition, Societe Generale Morocco is accelerating its commitments in favor of the energy transition by consolidating its partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) by launching a new credit line of 25 million euros, intended to strengthen green investments in the Kingdom.

In recognition of the convincing achievements recorded by the Bank during the deployment of the “Green Value Chain” in Morocco, the EBRD recently awarded Societe Generale Morocco the “Financial Intermediaries Gold Award”, during the “EBRD Sustainability Awards 2022” held in Marrakech on the sidelines of the 31st annual meeting of the EBRD, in May 2022. The reinforced positioning of Morocco as a technological platform for the Group in Africa. In addition to the specialized subsidiaries, the group’s system in Morocco includes nearly 1,000 engineers divided between architecture and IS activities and services related to the activities of the financing banking markets (SGABS and SGATS).

At the same time, and to support this vocation of “Servicing”, Societe Generale is launching the project to build a second head office, the “Societe Generale Campus”, in the heart of Casa Finance City. This real estate complex, which can accommodate 2,000 people, is thus intended to bring together the Group’s technological centers in Morocco, the specialized subsidiaries and the investment bank. An exemplary model in terms of eco-responsible construction, the new Campus confirms the ambition of the Societe Generale Group as well as its roots in Morocco and Africa.

In addition, throughout its deployment, the “Avenir 19-21” plan has made it possible to establish the fundamentals of a sustainable transformation which has initiated the evolution of Societe Generale Morocco’s banking model, highlighting innovation and operational excellence as growth levers promoting the emergence of new customer experiences with high added value. On the strength of these achievements, Societe Generale Morocco is part of an ambitious new strategic plan in the continuity of previously initiated projects, capitalizing on post-crisis lessons in order to make major changes to its new relational and operational models.

The Societe Generale group in Morocco has established itself as a leading national financial player, thanks to a proven model of universal banking and the strength of fruitful synergies between its specialized subsidiaries. By placing innovation at the heart of its approach, the Group has gradually transformed its relational model, developed its offer and its value proposition, and established a privileged relationship with its customers, based on expertise and proximity. Avenir 19-21: a successful first step in the transformation strategy

In 2018, the launch of the “Avenir 19-21” strategic plan marked an ambitious first step in the transformation of Societe Generale Morocco, by reaffirming its local roots, its vocation as a trusted partner and its desire to offer its customers the know-how of a major international bank.

During this phase, the Societe Generale Morocco group erected the fundamentals of a sustainable transformation, by setting up a matrix organization which makes it possible to reconcile expertise and proximity as well as an innovative digital approach, the basis of a new value proposition in the service client. A new dynamic focused on customer centricity has been deployed on the business market through the development of a new relational model based on expertise and the review of segmentation.

Thus, dedicated business centers have been set up with a system of expert Advisory Bankers. Societe Generale Morocco offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and very small enterprises (VSEs) specific support through a rebalancing of bankers’ portfolios and the deployment of a network of specialized branches. This system has made it possible to diversify support by doubling the number of large companies financed, and to ensure an increase in loan production for SMEs of nearly 60% between 2019 and 2021.

In addition, the Societe Generale Morocco group contributed to the effort to support the national economy during the pandemic, in particular by financing nearly 5.6 billion dirhams of Damane Relance and Damane Oxygène Amortissable loans, i.e. 11% of outstandings. distributed by the market. Reinforced synergies with the specialized subsidiaries around a producer-distributor model allowing the Group to expand its expertise and its offer for the benefit of its customers. A pioneer in offering a rich and innovative range of banking and insurance products (first bank to launch the Vital multisupport range -VMS -, proposal for a complete international insurance offer -VSI -, etc.), Societe Generale confirms its commitment with the launch of the first “banker-insurer” signature on the market thanks to the reinforced synergy with La Marocaine Vie.

In terms of “Investment Banking” activities, Sogécapital Gestion recorded a considerable increase in assets under management of almost 30%. Thanks to its trading room, the bank is now positioned as the 3rd Intermediary in Treasury Value (IVT) on the market. A mobile application for more customer autonomy. The development of the mobile application reflects the bank’s agile, customer-oriented dynamics, with one of the best satisfaction rates in the market and a usage rate of around 70%.



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