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SociabilArt: A Franco-Moroccan training to promote accessibility to arts and culture

The Ali Zaoua Foundation launched from October 25, 2021, a new training project dedicated to Moroccan and French cultural actors, called “SociabilArt”.

Carried out jointly with the Fédération des Maisons de la Jeunesse et de la Culture de la Région Ile de France (FRMJC IdF) and thanks to the support of the French Institute of Paris and the French Development Agency (AFD), this project s ‘part of the new support program for African cultural operators, Accès Culture, specifies the Foundation.

For 3 years, a dozen cultural professionals, in Morocco and France, will benefit from active training in “Cultural Rights”. Objective, develop their teaching skills in the transmission of artistic practices in order to promote social ties.

But it doesn’t stop there. Indeed, the project plans to put into practice the theoretical knowledge of the selected trainers through the setting up of a common artistic project involving French and Moroccan audiences by the last quarter of 2023.

To train them, two high-level cultural trainers. The first is French: Jean-Pierre Seyvos, is a composer and director, founder and artistic co-director of S-composition. He is also a trainer and consultant in the field of cultural policies, with particular expertise in matters of artistic education and teaching, and of shared creation in the field of performing arts.

The second, Hicham Ibn Abdelouahab is also a man of the theater and passionate about video art. Founder of the Craig workshop, then of the professional company Prova des Arts visuels, he is currently a consultant in sustainable development and cultural engineering with several companies in Morocco and international NGOs.


Through this collaboration, the Ali Zaoua Foundation and the Federation of MJC wish to improve the way in which social and cultural projects, aimed at Moroccan and French audiences, are designed and implemented, with a view to equitable cooperation and sustainability. and of perpetual questioning in the service of the collective elaboration of the “will-to-live-together” and the development of “accessibility to cultural expressions and cultures of the world”.

To mark the launch of this new project, the Ali Zaoua Foundation is organizing Thursday, October 28 at the Etoiles de Sidi Moumen, a professional meeting, on the sidelines of the training, in order to debate the issue of “Cultural rights”. A meeting which will aim in particular to question the Moroccan but also French expertise, in terms of the right of access to culture.




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