Soaring prices at the pump are in continuous mode

Motorists and other truck drivers are learning it the hard way, every fortnight that God does, fuel prices at the pump go up and sometimes soar and more is, ” the flight is not ready to stop »Says Jamal Zrikem, president of the National Federation of Managers and Owners of Service Stations (FGNPS)« in view of the international economy “.

The prices, it is an observation, vary on a world scale, helping economic recovery. For us in Morocco, fuel prices have been rising steadily every fortnight lately. The most recent, it was on the eve of Eid Mawlid that she manifested herself, others left it to this Wednesday with an increase of 0.35 cts for the super unleaded (SSP ) and 0.30 cts for diesel. Prices at the pump have been rising steadily for months, in the wake of oil prices supported by the recovery in global demand.

Also, a liter of diesel in a service station in Rabat cost a minimum of 10.09 dirhams, while the price of gasoline was around 11.89 dirhams. Prices have therefore increased substantially, and this in various service stations in Morocco and for latecomers only today, Thursday. Prices commensurate with the pace of the international rise in oil prices which has been going on for months. An increase which, failing a decrease, is reflected in our service stations at the beginning and in the middle of the month, as is customary.

However, the increase coincides with the cost of fuel, which has been on an upward trend internationally for nearly eleven months, after experiencing a low at the start of the pandemic which had even tipped the price of certain contracts into the negative. of oil. But the rise in prices has accelerated even further since last August, despite the fact that the last few months are already well above pre-pandemic averages. Today the prices of the two reference barrels of oil are reaching records. Unheard of for 7 years.

The price of a barrel of Brent from the North Sea which was last Friday at 85.50 dollars in London reached at the beginning of the week 86.04 dollars while in New York, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) was $ 82.49 and prices continued to climb throughout the week. It must also be said that the resumption of the activity of the global energy user that is the air is also for a lot in this “slow descent into hell” for the motorist facing the pump.

The easing of restrictions on the movement of people to several countries, such as the United States or Southeast Asia, is enabling the airline sector to gradually revive itself. The postponement of part of the demand for gas, whose prices have soared, as winter approaches in the northern hemisphere is also fueling pressure on black gold.

For Jamal Zrikem, who explains precisely this increase by the international situation, “ prices are not calculated at the level of the FGNPS. The companies give us their prices and we apply them “, And add” whether the liter is at 7 or 10DH, our profit margin remains the same at 0.40 cts, so we have no interest in either a rise or a fall in prices. On the contrary, we lose our consideration with the citizen clientele “.

And the president of the FGNPS in his momentum to continue ” the prices that are imposed on us are calculated at the level of the oil companies, and according to, of course, the international impact and the method of calculation of the latter (average costs weighted according to the stock and a bunch of other factors and other indicators …) “. In our duty to enlighten public opinion, three structures in this area, which were requested by to give their opinion on these discontinuous price increases, did not consider it necessary to respond to us.



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