Snubbed during the El Gouna Festival, RedOne, supported en masse on social networks, reacts

RedOne received widespread support on social media after its incident at the El Gouna festival in Egypt. The Moroccan producer was heavily ignored before taking the stage to perform his new song with Mohamed Ramadan and Nouamane Belaiachi. A sequence that went around the web, pushing the main concerned to explain.

The absence of the presentation of RedOne at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival has angered the Moroccan public, who accuse the organizers of not valuing their guests, especially those who enjoy a success at the international.

Present to go on stage in the company of Mohamed Ramadan and Nouaman Belaiachi to perform their collaboration “Gaw El Banat”, Nadir Khayat, whose real name was, experienced a moment of embarrassment.

Indeed, presenter Nardine Farag was content to present Mohammad Ramadan as if he were the only singer of the piece, while RedOne and Nouaman were not mentioned, although they enjoyed a large following not only. in Morocco, but whose fame extends abroad.

After this complicated moment for the Moroccan stars, a wave of support spread on social networks, in particular from other artists including Latefa Raafat who highlighted the exceptional career of the native of Tetouan, regretting the “contempt Which he was the subject of.

I think that @RedOne_Official got so used to working transparently and honestly with strangers, he ended up thinking it’s the same with #arabs … In my opinion, he should not go to the internship and he should leave @ElGounaFilm automatically.

– ER (@ramroumee) October 17, 2021

RedOne’s wife, fashion designer, Laila Aziz, also rushed to her husband’s rescue, and posted a photo of him with international stars he has worked with, such as Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias, to her account. , hinting that her husband’s fame had reached the world.

Leila Aziz shared posts criticizing the El Gouna Film Festival, confirming that RedOne and Belaiachi were genuinely upset with the way they were treated.

As for the main concerned, invited to share his feelings during an exchange with an Egyptian journalist, the latter regretted not having been presented. “The Moroccan press and the fans were the first to denounce this error. With all due respect at the El Gouna festival, they presented Mohamed Ramadan on his own without mentioning me and without mentioning Nouamane. It does not matter but they know my background and know that I am an Arab artist, holder of several Grammy Awards having worked with the biggest international stars. I found it limited to treat myself like an average artist ”, did he declare.

حط رجليك وانت عاطيها لنا ف وجهنا..🤫🤫.
قلت الذوق .., وتكلم بلهجتك 🇲🇦
انت عالمي اش داك للهجيج ف # مصر 🇪🇬 وهم لهم تاريخ في العداء للمغرب سواء على مستوى الفن أو السياسة ..
تستاهل الي دار راسو ف النخالة ينقبوه الدجاج ..

– MAS 🇲🇦 👑 💻 👽 كتيبة (@MAgentSecret) October 18, 2021

During her career, RedOne has collaborated with a number of distinguished international singers such as Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Christina Aguilera, Cheb Khaled, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Akon, Enrique Iglesias, Nicole Scherzinger, Usher, Pitbull, Shawn Kingston, Darren Zanyar, Backstreet Boys, Mica, Cat Delona, ​​Spice Cowboy, Ciara, Mylene Farmer, Kelly Rowland, Jason Derulo, Kenza Farah, Melissa Nkunda, Far East Movement, Justin Bieber, Alexandra Burke, Havana Brown, Paulina Rubio, Nicki Minaj, Tayo Cruz, or even One Direction.

Her 2008 work on Lady Gaga’s debut album, The Fame, helped the album become an international success. This earned RedOne a lot of influence with Universal Music Group, and the two parties went on to launch a joint venture, a boutique label called 2101 Records, which supported a handful of artists like Havana Brown and Jennifer Lopez.

And in 2018, Redone and a bunch of Moroccan celebrities released a video specially dedicated to King Mohammed VI who was celebrating his 55th birthday. A beautiful way to express the unwavering attachment of the Moroccan people to their King.

Since then, he still continues to release songs that show the love he has for his country, and Africa in general, as with the song: We love Africa, released in August 2019, with Aminux (a Moroccan singer) and Inna MODJA (a singer, model and actress from Mali).

As a reminder, the fifth edition of the festival will include 75 international and regional narrative feature films, short films and documentaries from 44 countries, with eight world premieres and two international premieres. It lasts until Friday, October 22.

The festival has a tradition of being the platform that releases new Arabic songs, right from its inaugural edition in 2017, when 3 Daqat d’Abu with Youssra became a phenomenal success.



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