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SNRT-TGR agreement on administrative and financial management

The Kingdom’s General Treasury (TGR) and the National Radio and Television Company (SNRT) signed, on Tuesday in Rabat, a partnership agreement aimed at supporting cooperation between the two institutions in the areas of public finance, administrative and financial management.

Signed by Noureddine Bensouda, Treasurer General of the Kingdom, and Faïçal Laraïchi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SNRT, this partnership agreement is part of the implementation of SNRT’s strategy in the field of continuing education for its human resources in order to strengthen their management capacities.

Due to the great experience of the TGR in the field of public finance and its complete training program in related fields, this agreement will allow the exchange of experiences, advice and good practices between the SNRT and the General Treasury.

In this spirit, it will ensure the training of SNRT’s human resources in the areas of competence of the TGR, particularly in terms of public finance, administrative and financial management, the dematerialization of procedures related to public contracts, and the processing of wages. Thus the SNRT will benefit from the documentary fund of the General Treasury relating to Public Contracts.

In order to ensure the best monitoring of this cooperation between SNRT and TGR, the two parties have created a commission comprising their representatives. This commission will meet at least once a year and will be responsible for ensuring better application of the provisions of this agreement.



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