SNRT highlights the role of the Tamazight channel for the development of television fiction

SNRT highlights the role of the Tamazight channel for the development of television fiction

At the 28th International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL), the activities of the institutional stand of the National Radio and Television Company (SNRT) begin by highlighting the central role of the “Tamazight” channel for the development of television fiction in quantity and quality.

In this sense, a conference is organized Monday in the presence of officials, experts and stars of Amazigh television works, the opportunity to present the book “Tifawin: Meditations in Amazigh culture and creativity”, indicates the SNRT.

In detail, the conference revealed this central role in the presence of the Director of Radio and TV Programs of the Tamazight channel, Abdellah Taleb Ali, Rajae Khermaz, actress and screenwriter, the director, Mustapha Achaouer, the actor Farouk Aznabet and the screenwriter, Bouchra Malek.

This meeting also highlighted performance indicators around the distinguished roles of the “Tamazight” channel, since its creation in 2010 by the SNRT, in promoting, developing and spreading the Amazigh culture and language. All while revealing the linguistic and cultural plurality in Morocco and even the contribution to the implementation of the officialization of the Amazigh language in the audiovisual sector.

In addition, the speakers insisted on considering Amazigh television fiction as a sector testifying to the strong impact and eminent added value of the channel in terms of the evolution and qualification of its productions in terms of quality and quantity. Something which is manifested, in terms of quantity, by the enrichment, for 13 years, of the production of 160 Amazigh films in the three tributaries and 28 soap operas, in addition to the support for the Amazigh theater through the acquisition of the broadcasting rights of 40 plays.

As for the impact on the content and the artistic quality, the production has, through the watch of the SNRT, standardized the technical and artistic quality requirements as well as the procedures for selecting television services of a general nature (Al Aoula, Laâyoune and Tamazight) and to mobilize the same technical and logistical means of production, diversified in the three tributaries.

In this regard, this meeting revealed that this interest is reflected by the strong attachment of viewers to the channel which garners better audience ratings, particularly in Ramadan. According to 2022 statistics, the highest rates were recorded in April, marked by an audience of 3.8 million viewers nationwide.

This assessment being, according to the participants in this event, in accordance with the general principles of public service offered by the SNRT. And this by anchoring the main constants of the Kingdom which are manifested by a tolerant Islam, a national integrity with multiple tributaries, a constitutional monarchy and a democratic choice.

Publication, a unique transition from TV to books

SNRT continues to celebrate its distinguished skills and executives. At SIEL, the institutional stand hosted the presentation of this work published by Ircam. On this occasion, media and cultural personalities like Mohamed Sallou, specialist in artistic studies, literary expressions and radio production, Ahmed Assid, researcher at Ircam and Mohamed Akoudad, writer and critic, took part in this presentation.

All the speakers take this work for one of the unique experiences having transferred a pioneering television program to an elegant and integral book documenting the television work broadcast on Al Aoula in six years (2004-2010). A program dedicated to Amazigh creativity in literature, music and visual arts, as well as popular heritage through Amazigh culture.


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