SNRT celebrates Gnaoua music

The SNRT has decided to celebrate Gnaoua music in the most beautiful way. To this end, an evening event will take place in Al Aoula on December 25th. More than 100 artists take part. A unique experience.

UNESCO’s intangible and cultural heritage

On December 12, 2019, Gnaoua music was recognized as UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.

Allowing to enhance and shed light on the Gnaoua culture, this distinction should have been celebrated with great fanfare. The health crisis decided otherwise. The event can finally be celebrated on our antenna in partnership with the Yerma Gnaoua association, says SNRT.

It will illustrate, if necessary, the role and leadership of the National Broadcasting Corporation in promoting and safeguarding our rich and plural identity.

A lilac in the purest tradition

No less than 113 artists, including 71 Maalems from all over Morocco, will illuminate this evening which will last two hours. A great moment of enchantment and sharing that will take place on the mythical place of El Menzeh, in the heart of the old town of Essaouira. Mqadmats, kouyous and mbakhrats will also be there.

High in color and bringing together the greatest talents of Gnaoua music, this popular festival will take place in four stages in the purest tradition of the Gnaouie lila: Al Adda preamble of the evening, Oulad Bambara or first incantations, Nougcha which marks the entry of the rattlesnakes then Leftouh considered as music therapy.

A carefully studied scenography will also take up all the codes of this ancestral culture: candles, braziers, colored fabrics, trays … a total immersion in this fascinating universe.



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