SMIT will inject 500 million dirhams per year between 2023 and 2026 to strengthen the animation offer

SMIT will inject 500 million dirhams per year between 2023 and 2026 to strengthen the animation offer

In the past, the choice of a destination depended on the intrinsic characteristics of the places. Today, the criteria have changed! It is the authentic experiences, the discovery of new cultures and the access to a set of sporting and cultural practices that decide the attractiveness of destinations. This is how entertainment took its place as a component of the tourist offer.

Several programs have been initiated by the SMIT such as the M’dinti and or Qariati program, where the diversification of the tourist experience has been placed at the heart of the development of the various tourist circuits. SMIT does not intend to stop there!

It intends to mobilize more than 1.5 billion Dirhams over the next three years to support the development of the animation component at the level of the various territories. A significant leverage effect is expected!

It is for SMIT a vector of customer loyalty because the activities to be promoted and financially supported have an affective dimension likely to reinforce the desirability of the destination. It is also an incentive factor for internal consumption because customers will spend a longer time at these different destinations.

This approach requires mastery of the profession of tourism engineering requiring innovation and creativity.

It should be remembered that to promote tourist activities, the SMIT has decided to join forces with the Councils of the Regions for the creation of companies in the form of SDRs.
It foresees a progressive transfer of its know-how in order to accompany the advanced decentralization to allow a more efficient administration of this program at the local level.

The SMIT will thus continue its efforts to promote tourist investment in order to improve the attractiveness of the regions and offer tourists new tourist experiences.


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