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SMIT denies false information concerning calls for tenders n°100 and n°103

The Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT), responsible for steering the Forsa program, has denied the false information peddled by certain media concerning calls for tenders n ° 100 and n ° 103 relating to this program in the Draa-Tafilalet region .

“Some media and electronic sites have recently published inaccurate data and information on calls for tenders relating to the Forsa Program, launched by SMIT for the selection of incubators in the Draa-Tafilalet region”, indicates the Company in a press release.

These media reported information, quoting a post on Facebook referring to calls for tenders n°100 and n°103 related to this ambitious project, and which contained untruths, according to which “the commission would have changed its assessment the same day, and even in the space of an hour and a half only”continues the same source.

And to note that these allegations are contradicted by the facts contained in the minutes of the meetings of the commission in charge of this important project, adding in this respect, that the date of opening of the folds relating to the calls for tenders was the 16 May 2022, and this was the first meeting held by this commission responsible for examining administrative and technical files.

Subsequently, an evaluation of the technical proposals was carried out by the technical commission which considered its work until May 31, 2022, and then afterwards by the Financial Commission, reports SMIT, noting that these facts are confirmed by the minutes and by the results of the calls for tenders dated 17/06/2022 (for call no. 100) and 20/06/2022 (for call no. 103).

“Thus, the process of selecting the successful company took several weeks and not just an hour and a half of time, as reported by these media”, points out the SMIT.

In addition, for call for tender No. 100, adds the same source, the commission did not retain the file of the company Newcomfort because the two files were not equal.

Indeed, specifies the SMIT, the second file was not eligible for the call for tender, because the second team proposed did not obtain the total points required as the case of the first file. This led to the exclusion of the file since it did not include a proposal from a project evaluation expert or a financial expert to oversee the progress of the project and its implementation.

Concerning call for tender no. 103, the file submitted by the company was retained because it met all the guarantees required by the specifications. The result granted by the commission for this file was thus better than that of the second, indicates the SMIT, noting that it is for this reason that it was retained in this appeal and rejected in the first. And to recall, in this context, that the “Forsa” program has begun the majority of its key stages, the latest being the generalization of regional selection commissions to all regions of Morocco.

This step, specifies the same source, is the last before actually integrating the program through, initially, the e-learning training on the Forsa Academy platform which makes it possible to initiate the project leaders selected to different aspects of entrepreneurship.

The program has reached its cruising speed this week, through the holding of several regional selection commissions which will process a total of around 2,000 files per week.

At the same time as these commissions, the stage of individual interviews begins and should allow project leaders to defend their projects in front of experts from different fields.




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