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slowdown in bank credit to 5.7% in March

Bank credit to the non-financial sector (NFS) recorded an annual slowdown to 5.7% in March 2023, after growing by 6% a month earlier, according to Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM).

This slowdown in the trend of loans to the non-financial sector covers the deceleration in the growth of loans to private non-financial corporations from 6.8% to 4.9% and the acceleration in that of loans to public non-financial corporations to 33 .1% after 21.9%, specifies BAM in its recent bulletin on monetary statistics.

The increase in loans to households remained, for its part, almost stable at 3.6%, said the same source.

By economic purpose, the evolution of banking assistance to the non-financial sector reflects the slowdown in the growth of its various categories. Equipment loans increased by 5.9% after 6.1% with a slowdown in those allocated to private companies from 5.7% to 4.2% and an acceleration in those to public non-financial companies from 11, 4% to 14.3%.

The growth of liquidity facilities slowed to 10.2% after 13.1%, reflecting the deceleration of those on both private and public companies. Similarly, the growth of consumer loans slowed down from 3% to 2.7% and real estate loans from 2.4% to 2%.

With regard to non-performing loans, their growth rate fell from 4.6% in February to 5% in March 2023 and their credit ratio remained unchanged at 8.7%.



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