Skikda and Kabylie are burning! let’s hang it…

Two people died in 24 hours in the forest fires that broke out in several regions south and west of the wilaya of Skikda in Algeria. While the Algerian president is still trying to acquire Canadairs, the civil protection services, the army (the ANP), the population as well as two firefighter helicopters were still trying, this Wednesday, to control the situation.

The two victims are a 68-year-old man who died yesterday of asphyxiation and another 45-year-old man who was helping civil protection officers to control the fire in the Zitouna region, Ramdane commune. Djamel a few kilometers from downtown Skikda. 17 fires have broken out in the past 48 hours, according to civil protection in the region. Several municipalities are affected by this tragedy, on a mountainous perimeter of 70 km around Skikda. The Boulekroud city, a residential area on the edge of the forest, located between the city of Skikda and the region of Ain Zouit, is the most affected, because the fire has still not been brought under control. The senile regime in Algiers, which only knows how to fight these fires by lying, is still waiting for reinforcements.

It is said that Russia has sent a bomber to fight the disasters that strike the former French colony. The word is appropriate since in those days, the Kabyle city located on the edge of the Mediterranean less than five hundred kilometers from the capital Algiers was called Phillipeville. However, the Beriev BE200 bomber which is expected this evening in Algiers, dependent on the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, will support civil protection in the fight against a huge forest fire which is currently ravaging the Skikda region in the east of Algeria.

But in total, 323 fires have been recorded since Tuesday in several wilayas of the country according to Algerian civil protection. The aircraft registered in Russia took off this morning at 9:20 a.m. from Rostov Na Dunu airport and had to, as European airspace was closed to planes registered in Russia (including for humanitarian flights), made a big detour via Antalya in Turkey before a stopover in Tunis at 6:20 p.m. and was due to land in Algiers in the early evening to begin its drop operations tomorrow.

Here you are, Algeria is once again faced with deadly fires, after those devastating in the summer of 2021 which in August caused the death of many people, and the destruction of several thousand hectares in the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou, Bejaia, Bouira, Ain Defla. This year, the first forest fires have already caused two deaths in Skikda and significant damage in several wilayas of the country. But in Algeria, thousands of hectares go up in smoke every year. After the series of mega-fires that had ravaged the North of the country and mainly Kabylie last year, a real outcry had taken place against the authorities whose responsibility was directly pointed out. The response from the authorities was soft, full of lies and devoid of any accountability.

As usual in the East of Eden, the authorities do not justify themselves, it’s just the people who are ignorant and ungrateful and then the culprit to calm the ardor is quickly found, he is from the outside and he’s right next to it. Except that, for nearly a year the answer to this tragedy, El Mouradia always seems to be searching for it by groping. However, promise “Hugh I said”, it was almost a year that we had in Algeria to prepare to face a large wave of fires in perspective.

It is a general rule in the Algerian administration that there is simply no accountability. Except perhaps to the direct supervision which is generally responsible for the appointment and therefore inevitably covers the malfunctions. In short, it’s time for a new record of burnt forests this year, especially since the main heat wave, vector of tragedies, doesn’t seem to want to let go of the region. And you know what, despite the closed sea, land and air borders, the accused is the perfect choice. Let’s follow other looks and join the dance!



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