Skarsgård, Edgerton, Slimani and more

Skarsgård, Edgerton, Slimani and more

The Marrakech International Film Festival unveiled the long-awaited list of juries, representing eight countries from five continents as it prepares tp hold its 20th edition from November 24 to December 2.

Heading the jury is Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain, who has now been joined by eight different artists to judge 14 films in FIFM’s official competition.

The jurors are:

  • Iranian actor Zar Amir, French actor Camille Cottin,
  • Australian Actor and director Joel Edgerton,
  • British director Joanna Hogg,
  • American director Dee Rees,
  • Swedish-Egyptian director Tarek Saleh
  • Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård
  • French-Moroccan writer Leïla Slimani.

Alexander Skarsgård, winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Golden Globe, and the Emmy, continues to pursue difficult roles with fearlessness and delicate approaches to fully immerse himself in challenging characters, participating in “Succession,” beginning in “Tarzan,” “True Blood,” and “Big Little Lies.”

Son of the great Stellan Skarsgård and brother of Bill Skarsgård, Alexander distinguishes himself in a family of exceptional actors.

The great Australian actor and director Joel Edgerton is on the jury, a name that has been seen portraying different emotions in complex layered roles.

The actor starred in “Master Gardener”, “The Green Knight”, “The King”, “Gringo”, “Red Sparrow”, “Loving”, “Black Mass”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Warrior”, and more.

Juror Zar Amir’s worldwide career has been driven by her performance in Ali Abbasi’s Holy Spider (2022), for which she won the Cannes Film Festival’s Best Actress Award. 

In addition to being a founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, she established Alambic Production, which is situated in Paris. 

Amir was recognized in 2022 as one of the 100 Women, an honorary list of significant women worldwide, by the BBC for her efforts to improve the status of women in Iran.

Jury member Camille Cottin, a French actress, began her stage career when she joined the ensemble Théâtre du Voyageur.

She met Elose Lang and Noémie Saglio at the inception of the Parisian Bitch project in 2013, and took on the title role, paving a career and establishing herself as an international talent.

Present during last year’s edition to present her movie “The Eternal Daughter”, British director, screenwriter, and producer Joanna Hogg comes back this year as a jury member.

She is considered one of the United Kingdom’s leading auteurs.

Representing Morocco in the jury is Frenchmoroccan writer Leila Slimani, who won several awards for her novels.

Jury member Dee Rees, who was born and raised in Nashville, the US, is an Academy and Emmy Award-nominated director noted for her honest and strong character depictions. 

Her first three films, “Pariah,” “Bessie,” and “Mudbound,” received widespread critical acclaim and a slew of major accolades.

Finally, coming back this edition as a juror after screening his film “Cairo Conspiracy” in FIFM last year, the egyptian film maker Tarik Saleh joined the list.

The film first premiered at the Festival de Cannes, where it won the Best Screenplay awardas well as the prestigious Prix François Chalais for the film’s “dedication to the values of life affirmation and of journalism.”


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