Six locks of singer Kurt Cobain’s hair sold at auction for $ 14,000

Six locks of Kurt Cobain’s hair were sold for $ 14,000 as part of “The Amazing Music Auction,” which also featured personal, staged or signed musical memorabilia from Cobain and Nirvana, as well as The Beatles, Bob Dylan , Eric Clapton, or Led Zepplin.

The now famous haircut was given to Cobain by his friend and first confidante, Tessa Osbourne, during Nirvana’s Bleach tour in 1989.

“She (Tessa Osbourne, editor’s note) must have felt that Kurt would become a musical force (…) She even had a series of photos to prove it: a snapshot of her and Kurt with long disheveled hair as she was holding a pair of scissors ”, describes the ad with the photo in question at the bottom of the page.

Hair weren’t the only Cobain memorabilia offered for sale at the auction. A Marshall 1960B 4 × 12 loudspeaker owned by the grunge star and used on stage sold for $ 93,200.

Even more, a photo and a blue Stratocaster-style electric guitar signed by the three band members sold for $ 13,186 and $ 62,183, respectively.

In June of last year, the guitar Cobain used during the recording of the famous ‘MTV Unplugged’ concert in 1993 was sold for a whopping $ 6 million, a record for a guitar, when auctions organized by Julien’s.

Five months later, the cardigan worn by the “About A Girl” performer worn at the same event sold for $ 334,000, marking a turning point in the life and legacy of the grunge alternative rock icon as ‘he died just four months before the concert’s release, considered by music critics to be one of the greatest live albums of all time.



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