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Six CNESTEN laboratories accredited to the NM ISO/CEI 17025 standard

Six laboratories of the Maâmora Nuclear Studies Center (CENM), under the National Center for Nuclear Energy, Sciences and Techniques (CNESTEN), have been accredited by the national accreditation body SEMAC according to the NM ISO/ IEC 17025, version 2018, CNESTEN announced in a press release on Monday.

As part of the strengthening of CNESTEN’s quality management system, this accreditation places it among the first institutions on an African scale to have this distinction for the magnitude of ionizing radiation at the level of its test and calibration laboratories. , according to the same source. This is, the press release specifies, the Laboratory for analyzes of stable isotopes in water samples: Determination of the ratios of stable isotopes in hydrogen (2H/1H) and oxygen (18O/16O) in natural waters and drinking water, using the Laser Absorption Spectroscopy method; the Laboratory for the analysis of Tritium in natural and drinking water, using the Electrolytic Enrichment and Liquid Scintillation method and the Laboratory for measuring the global alpha and global beta activities of non-saline waters using the Liquid Scintillation counting method.

There is also talk of the Laboratory for the measurement of radioactivity by Gamma spectrometry in soil samples, the Dosimetry Laboratory for the test area of ​​OSL personal dosimeters worn on the trunk (Personal dose equivalent Hp (10)) and the Gamma calibration laboratory for ionizing radiation measuring instruments (radiation meters & electronic dosimeters), air kerma rate ka (Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137), ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10) (Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137) and dose equivalent rate Hp(10) (Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137), specifies CNESTEN.

Such a distinction, which constitutes recognition of compliance with the requirements of competence, impartiality and consistency of activity, is likely to allow authentication of the services provided by CNESTEN to its various partners, national and foreign, while maintaining scientific excellence, thus contributing to a better reputation of the Center and the sustainability of its activities according to an international standard, the press release concludes.



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