Singer Salif Keita accuses Algeria of being responsible for terrorism in Mali

Singer Salif Keita accuses Algeria of being responsible for terrorism in Mali

Malian singer Salif Keita has accused Algeria of being responsible for the unstable situation in Mali by exporting terrorism there.

So few public figures dare to speak of Algeria’s involvement in the promotion of terrorism in the Sahelo-Saharan strip by allowing the leaders of terrorist groups such as the Support Group for Islam and Muslims to pass through its porous borders. (GSIM), affiliated with Al-Qaeda, as was the case with Iyad Ag Ghali who took refuge in Algeria before his death.

The Malian singer Salif Keita dared to break this silence and name, according to him, the parties responsible for the deterioration of security in Mali.

During a concert on Saturday, May 7, at the March 26 stadium, the world-famous singer addressed the public to sharply criticize the parties that harm his country.

He attacked Algeria for the first time, explaining that the country was a large reservoir and a factory of terrorism exported to Mali.

The singer also named France, the Minusma peace mission, and to a lesser extent Mauritania.

Malian Internet users have agreed with the singer by saying that the Malian people should no longer be silent. “Salif Keita is right. We cannot continue to bite our tongues while terrorists and mercenaries attack Mali from neighboring countries. It’s time someone told the truth! one said.

Others claimed that the artist was “committed” and recalled his outings about the former Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita known as “IBK” and that no one contradicted him at the time because “he knows what he is talking about”.

For his part, the former Malian Minister of Justice Mamadou Ismaila Konate, judged the artist’s remarks as “very serious”.


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