Signing of two Morocco-UNIDO joint declarations

The Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Gerd Muller, who, accompanied by a high-level delegation, is making his first working visit to Morocco in the Arab world and Africa from 15 to May 19, and this, since his nomination at the head of the UN organization.

On this occasion, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, met this Monday, May 16 in Rabat with the DG of UNIDO, Gerd Muller, and welcomed the very positive results of their cooperation, describing the relationship between Morocco and UNIDO as historic.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

This relationship, sealed for thirty years, has been strengthened within the framework of the Morocco-UNIDO Country Partnership Program (PCP), signed on March 26, 2019 in Rabat, with the aim of supporting beneficiary countries in accelerating the achievement of their objectives. Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (DIID) in the long term, through the implementation of integrating projects capable of giving new impetus to the acceleration process already underway.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

The PCP has thus identified the sectors of the agri-food industry, e-commerce, industry 4.0, the circular economy, industrial zones and energy for the realization of joint projects in tune with global requirements.

In this perspective, the Moroccan Minister of Industry and the DG of UNIDO signed a Joint Declaration on the development of initiatives and industrial projects aimed at developing Morocco-UNIDO partnerships in the fields the decarbonization of industry and the promotion of the circular economy to strengthen the competitiveness of Morocco’s industrial platform.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

Thus, this Declaration aims to support the Moroccan strategy to combat climate change by developing the national plan for implementing the Kigali agreement providing for the gradual abandonment of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) type gases in the sector. industrial.

Also, the declaration relates to the support of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in the development of an Industrial Analysis Platform (IAP), in particular through the creation of integrated centers of excellence at national and regional level, in order to identify and implement digital innovation projects and capacity building programs in the areas of industrial decarbonization, technology transfer and advanced digital production, international trade and ‘investment.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

During this event, a second Declaration was signed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, UNIDO and the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development relating, among other things, to the establishment of a partnership for the use of green hydrogen through the development of industrial clusters and value chains aimed at contributing to the decarbonisation of industry.

In a statement to the press, Ryad Mezzour said: “ This new impetus given to our partnership will promote the emergence of highly relevant projects responding to the major challenges of our industry, particularly in terms of industrial decarbonization and resilient, inclusive and sustainable development, as well as the priorities of the New Development Model of the Kingdom. It will undoubtedly contribute to achieving our goal of making Morocco the most competitive carbon-free industrial base in the world. “.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

For his part, Gerd Muller pointed out that: “ UNIDO will provide strong support for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, which directly contributes to Morocco’s New Development Model. As we join forces with other UN agencies, UNIDO will use its partnership platform to support Morocco in renewable energy, circular economies and data-driven industry to achieve the ambitious goals decarbonization of the industrial sector as well as the SDGs “.

During this ceremony, the launch of the Moroccan portal of industrial zones was given. A portal developed by the MIC in collaboration with UNIDO, Millenium Challenge Corporation, the MCA-Morocco Agency and all of the developers in the Kingdom.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

This electronic platform,, aimed at contributing to the strengthening of international competitiveness and the attractiveness of the national offer of industrial land, is intended to be a tool for the promotion, management and of communication focused on industrial land.

It will, among other things, inform Moroccan and international industrial investors about the precise and up-to-date availabilities, in terms of industrial land supply and ensure permanent monitoring of the evolution of industrial land.



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