Signing of a cooperation agreement between Al Barid Bank and UM6P

Signing of a cooperation agreement between Al Barid Bank and UM6P

Al Barid Bank and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) signed a cooperation agreement for the encouragement and development of research in the field of financial services, financial inclusion, financial education , training and digitization.

In a press release, the two partners underline that this memorandum of understanding is based on the ambition of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and Al Barid Bank to promote innovation, with the aim of contributing to progress. economic and social, particularly in the banking and financial field.

The two Institutions are thus joining forces in order to respond on the one hand to the civic mission of the Bank and its desire to offer innovative banking solutions for the financial inclusion of all Moroccans, and on the other hand to the will of the University to support the development of public and private companies based on research and innovation.

Thus, this collaboration agreement aims to promote applied research, development and innovation in areas related to finance and new technologies by promoting collaboration, the exchange of knowledge and skills between the two parties through specific initiatives, in particular the organization of open innovation challenges in the banking sector.

Also, it aims to promote innovative entrepreneurship through Al Barid Bank’s support for emerging startups in the UM6P ecosystem and to support the upskilling of employees of Al Barid Bank and its subsidiaries through continuing education programs including courses covering various themes. In addition, the employees of Al Barid Bank will also be able to take part in seminars, round tables and conferences on subjects related to financial activity, underlines the same source.

These different areas of collaboration will be implemented within the framework of specific agreements, specifying that their methods of execution will be defined on a case-by-case basis by mutual agreement between the two parties, explain the two partners.


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